NextOPP donates career coaching services to a survivor of domestic violence for every candidate hired.

Hire One Help One

Helping survivors secure a job is a powerful way to address inequality and empower the most vulnerable members of our society.


A world where free career coaching resources are readily available to victims of domestic violence who are trying to achieve financial independence.

“When you live in a relationship governed by control and manipulation you live as if you were blindfolded. Although I was a contributor to my family working full-time, even while pregnant with twins, all the finances were kept out of reach.

I had no access to bank accounts, and no clear picture of how our earned money was used. When it was time for me to look for a job to support myself and my children as a single parent, I had no clue what I needed to get... and what’s worse, I didn't believe I could get it.” 


- Hire One Help One program participant

How it works


We Partner with Domestic Violence Support Organizations

We partner with local organizations that are committed to serving survivors of domestic violence and have established relationships in the community. Our model complements their work by providing career coaching free of charge.


We Teach Essential Career Skills through One-on-One Coaching & Workshops

Topics include identifying relevant skills & opportunities, crafting a resume and application, interviewing, negotiating, and more. All coaches working directly with survivors have completed extensive state mandated certification training.

Learning these essential career skills and getting one-on-one support can be a transformative experience for survivors, enabling them to find a secure job and become financially independent.

“NextOpp built my confidence by helping me see the opportunity in the skills that were there, and the strength that I already had.”


- Hire One Help One program participant

Designed for sustainable, long-term impact

In order to help survivors sustainably over the long term, we purposely embedded a way to give back into the DNA of our business.

The one-for-one model ensures that our for-profit side of the business sustains the non-profit side. We don’t accept donations or sponsorships – instead, every company that uses us as a recruiting service directly contributes to the growth of our program.

As the very first service company to implement a one-for-one model, we hope to inspire more service companies to tackle complex social and environmental issues AS they grow their profits, not as an afterthought.

Our STory

As a teenager, our co-founder Gail had a transformative experience when she witnessed her mom helping another mother in her community who suffered from domestic violence.

Gail’s mother connected the woman to a network of other women who provided support and protection at a time when such organizations did not exist in the public sector, and was profoundly touched by the experience.


As adults, Gail and Rebecca discovered how intertwined financial abuse is with domestic abuse. As they began researching ways to help, they saw an opportunity to support domestic violence centers with programming to help women find jobs effectively.

They realized that their skills as recruiters could fill an important need: by providing the structure, volunteers, and expertise to develop an effective career coaching program. And so, the nextOPP Hire One Help One program was born.

We're passionate about connecting candidates with meaningful employment and want to empower women while doing it.

how you can help

Choose Us

By choosing us as your recruitment partner, your search will not only grow your company, you’ll be investing in the growth of the Hire One Help One program – empowering more women to gain independence and break free of the cycle of abuse.

Refer Us & Spread the Word

If you or someone you know is interested in our mission and has a platform to share it, we'd love to have a conversation. Please reach out to us or share our story!

“I've been empowered… My life is real and it is mine, and that is an amazing feeling to have. I see opportunity and I am alive again."


- Hire One Help One program participant